MEK: Only Antithesis To Mullahs' Terrorism


MEK: Only Antithesis To Mullahs' TerrorismFTO list: Blocking the only Chance for a Democratic Change in Iran

by Sammer Asar, (OfficialWire), WASHINGTON, D.C. (USA)

OfficialWire News Bureau

Recent propaganda rattles by pro-cleric pundits; implying MEK involvement in the latest terrorist plot, aim to justify the costly delay of the State Department’s unjustified 450-day delay in completing the Court-mandated review of the designation of Iran’s main opposition, the Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK), as a Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO).


In a wave of support, Congressional leaders and former top U.S. officials are pressing Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and President Obama to remove Iran’s main opposition group, the People’s Mujahedeen Organization of Iran, from the State Department’s list of foreign terrorist organizations.


Former U.S. officials calling for the MEK to be de-listed include former Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge, three former chairmen of the Joint Chiefs, two former directors of the CIA, former commander of NATO Wesley K. Clark, two former U.S. ambassadors to the U.N., former U.S. Attorney General Michael Mukasey, a former White House chief of staff, a former commander of the Marine Corps, former U.S. National Security Adviser Fran Townsend, now a CNN contributor; and even President Obama’s recently retired National Security Adviser Gen. James Jones.


Their call is backed by 93 members of Congress, who have signed a bipartisan resolution urging the president to revoke the designation, and by prominent Democratic and Republican leaders such as Howard Dean and Rudy Giuliani.


It is not only US officials who demand a change of policy towards Iranian regime and its resistance. The past months have been a propaganda battling scene between supporters of the MEK and their foes (Iranian regime and NIAC as well as paid journalists and pundits).



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In Europe alone 2000 jurists have formed a platform called the International Committee of Jurists,  to argue that politics cannot be “above the Law," among them high profile personalities of the European High Court such as the Late Lord Slynn of Hadley, and Jude Mukasey of the US.

Some 4000 representatives from the majority of Parliaments and Senates of 40 countries, along with the Majority of the European parliament and lately 108 members of the European Council have issued statements demanding the US to abide the Law and follow 22 European Court examples and delist the group.


Moreover, 5200 000 people in Iraq along with 300 000 Iraqi Shiites signed a petition that put their lives directly at risk of being assassinated by the Iranian-Qods force in Iran. They demanded a humane response by the Iraqi Maliki to act in accordance with Iraqi ethics with MEK members in camp Ashraf calling them “the anti-thesis to the Iranian regime."


In the Aftermath of the Arab Spring, more than 140 Arab political parties, agencies and Human Right organizations applauded the organization for its efforts to stand firm against Islamic Fundamentalism and terrorism sponsored by Tehran. The spectrum of support came from Lebanon, Algeria, Morocco, Jordan, Kuwait, Yemen, Egypt, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan and Iraq.


Absurd arguments rushed in by mullah appeasers such as “Salon" “the Rubins” their followers; tend to repeat exhausted follies of the Iranian Intelligence machinery that has been at work in all its forms during the past 35 years.


However, their arguments do not tender any ones heart or logic;

No judgement can accept the fact that the MEK, which is considered by these pundits to be a cult(closed and inwards) and a terrorist (by its International definition) could ever possibly mobilize such wealth to bribe so many dignitaries and people around the world, from such a cultural variety and distinct difference in political conscience!


Nor is it possible for a close cult to win favor or “brain wash” so many dignitaries, who have been elected through a trusted ballot box.

It would also be foolish to establish that being a “cult and terrorist” the MEK has managed to use terror to force favor throughout Europe!


Therefore, the Question is: Why are they at the centre of attention while negotiating with Iran?


The answer is quite simple:   The MEK is the only possible anti-thesis to the religious fundamentalist regime in Iran, and the only capable and organized opposition that can bring about a regime change and a durable peace in the region.


So what is upholding a peaceful change in the region?


The FTO list has successfully enchained this thrust of energy and actually helped the worst Islamic fundamentalist regime in recent decades. It is directly responsible for the ongoing “holocaust” inflicted by the backward regime in Iran.


With heaps of documents and facts spit out by Iranian officials, it would be wise to deduct this regime is the “God father of terrorism and religious fundamentalism” in the region.


Only recently before the terrorist plot was foiled Hassan Rahimpour Azghandi who is a member of the Iranian regime's  "Supreme Council for Cultural Revolution" and an important theoretician for mullahs' regime said in a televised speech last week that: "We must get ready for global operations."


In a State television broadcast meeting on September 23, 2011, he explained to his team ready to go to Iraq:  “Imam (Khomeini) stated from the outset:"We export our revolution. It is no joke that in a matter of seven months four Arab Governments were overthrown. We must prepare ourselves for a global conflict. Those working in intelligence and subversive operations must get ready.”


The MEK , was the leading freedom movement in Iran that revealed the war-mongering, terrorist nature of the Mullahs since 1979. Its initial statement denouncing any form of “terrorism, suppression of minorities” and export of Islamic fundamentalism was released in Iran in 1979. The statement which cost the group a harsh government violent reaction by plain clothed agents, was refereeing to the newly established “Pasdaran” corps, which later gained control of the industrial and military hierarchy in the regime. At the time, the new Pasdaran units were violently crushing the Kurds and political groups in the Kurdish region.


Later, again bearing more cost, the group revealed the true intentions of terrorist Qods force, which was established by the Iranian Pasdaran Corps in the1980s.  In some 98 press conferences, this opposition group revealed terrorist intentions and interceptions of Qods corps and its sister units and front organizations detailing every move and plot in order to prevent a humanitarian crisis. Many of this conference proved effective, some leading to critical impairment of massive terrorist operations in Iraq and the region.


As much as the MEK being effective in preventing terrorist operations worldwide, as its innate anti-fundamentalist nature dictates, the US State Departments’ policy of cowing to Tehran pressure has been inefficient in confronting the issue.


The incoherent policy of the U.S. is nowhere more evident than the way in which Iranian dissidents have been treated.


The PMOI/MEK was blacklisted by the Clinton administration in 1997 as part of the US and West’s appeasement policy. In 2010, the Federal Court of Appeals in Washington, D.C. reviewed the terrorism designation of PMOI/MEK by the State Department, found serious flaws with it, and ordered the State department to review this designation.


The only counterpart to the listing of MEK that will nourish from this “blood-lead lead policy” is the vicious Tehran government and its lobbyists in Washington DC.


While the whole Middle East is turning upside down, it is high time President Obama executed a U-turn on Iran policy and rejects the defunct policy of appeasement of Iran and get on the right side of the history. If it is serious about fighting terrorism and stopping Iran’s nuclear bomb, it must begin by removing the PMOI/MEK from its black list.

The MEK is the anti- thesis to the religious fascist regime in Iran. Enchaining such a force is like enchaining the American people and the people of the whole region.

Sammar Asar - Middle East Analyst and researcher.

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