By Dr Ruth Robson



The current media frenzy about events in Tunisia and Egypt and events in Afghanistan and Iran has yet again overlooked the terrible sufferings inflicted on the 3400 Iranian refugees residing in Camp Ashraf in Iraq.

These men, women and children have lived there for 25 years and were guaranteed protection by UN and US forces which was transferred to the Iraq government in 2009. The Iraq government signed up to their protection under the terms of “Fourth Geneva Convention” but have wilfully succumbed to the wishes of the despotic Iranian regime for their annihilation.

Since 2009 the Iraqi security forces and agents of Iran have placed them under siege, cutting off water, and electricity and denying them medical care as a result of either natural illness or direct physical attacks. Furthermore, as recently as December 2010  family members visiting from Iran have been tortured and hung as “moharebeh” (waging war against God) on return to Iran.

The latest ploy is to drive the residents ‘mad’ by the use of 180 high decibel speakers around the camp. You will ask why is this happening to them? The answer is that Iran sees these people as a serious bastion of resistance because they aim for a non-clerical, democratic and non-nuclear Iran. There are a multitude of freedom-loving Iranians throughout the world and in Iran itself who desire these aims.

I ask, why are these flagrant violations of international law allowed to continue?  Why has the £800 million given for the rebuilding of Iraq had no demands placed on it for good governance, respect for human rights and justice?  Every concerned citizen of the UK should ask these questions of their elected representatives.








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