Iran and Russia Colluded to Violate UN Sanctions Related to Nuclear Deal


Putin-RouhaniThe Iranian Regime colluded with Russia in order to violate UN sanctions with regard to the 2015 nuclear deal, according to reports by German media and state intelligence agencies.


Iran and Russia used a secret smuggling route to transfer illegal weapons in violation of UN Resolution 2231, according to German’s Welt am Sonntag newspaper.

Their report, published on Sunday, read: “In June, two aeroplanes from Iran flew directly to the Khmeimim Air Base [southeast of Latakia] – the most important Russian military base in Syria – in order to bring the military equipment for transport to Russia.”

The heavy military goods were loaded onto trucks and taken to the Syrian port of Tartus, before being picked up by the Russian ship Sparta III, which then delivered the weapons a few days later to Russia’s main Black Sea port of Novorossiysk for service maintenance.

It is as of yet unclear which weapons were being sent to Russia but this has been termed a new smuggling route by the Germans.

The report also showed satellite images of an Iranian Boeing aeroplane at Khmeimim, which seems to confirm the fears that the Iranian Regime would indeed use Boeing aircraft for illegal military action.

The Chicago-based airline giant seeks to sell $3 billion of planes to Iran as part of a deal following the 2015 nuclear pact, which lifted economic sanctions on Iran.

The pact, also known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, was signed by six nations (the US, the UK, China, France, Germany and Russia) and Iran and was supposed to restrict Iran’s nuclear weapons programme.

The United Nations passed a Security Council Resolution as part of that deal which restricted Iran’s missile and arms-related activities.

This latest revelation comes just weeks after three German intelligence agencies revealed how the Iranian Regime had been subverting the nuclear deal throughout 2016 by attempting to procure material necessary to the development of nuclear weapons.

The Hamburg’s intelligence agency released a report which read: “There is no evidence of a complete about-face in Iran’s atomic policies in 2016” [after it signed the nuclear deal]. Iran sought missile carrier technology necessary for its rocket program.”

While the report from the Baden-Württemberg state read: “Regardless of the number of national and international sanctions and embargoes, countries like Iran, Pakistan and North Korea are making efforts to optimize corresponding technology.”

The Baden-Württemberg report also revealed that Iran had sought “products and scientific know-how for the field of developing weapons of mass destruction as well as missile technology.”

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