Detention of Shahin Ahmadi, Mother of Armita Gravand, by Security Forces
Five days after Armita Goravand fell into a coma on the October 4, Shahin Ahmadi, Armita Goravand’s mother, was detained by the security forces of the Iranian regime on Wednesday afternoon, October 4 ,2023. She was taken to an undisclosed location after her arrest in the vicinity of Fajr Hospital in Tehran.

Based on reports received by Iran Human Rights Activists, Shahin Ahmadi, the mother of Armita Goravand, was detained by security forces of the Iranian regime on Wednesday afternoon. This occurred after she was prevented from entering the room where her daughter is hospitalized, leading her to raise her voice in protest. The arrest of Mrs. Ahmadi was accompanied by acts of violence. At the time of preparing this news, there is no information available regarding her fate and place of detention.

Armita Gravand’s parents were last able to see her behind glass in the presence of security forces on Wednesday afternoon, October 4.

However, they were unable to have any further meetings or even similar encounters. Shahin Ahmadi, Armita Gravand’s mother, was detained in protest of this situation.Since the first day of the incident, Shahin Ahmadi’s family has been threatened by security forces to refrain from publicizing this news through the media.

Moreover, Armita Gravand’s two accompanying friends were also detained for five hours and pressured to remain silent about the underlying cause of her brain injury. They were coerced into repeating a fabricated story presented by the government in front of the cameras. On the October 1 , Armita’s parents were transferred to a security institution for three hours and subjected to pressure and threats.

It was also Hene ghav reported yesterday that security guards from the Education and Training Organization, along with a team of security forces, were present at the high school where Armita Gravand was studying. They threatened the students and friends of Armita, instructing them not to share any information about her. They warned that sharing any pictures of Armita would be severely dealt with.

The interview conducted with Armita Gravand’s parents in the vicinity of Fajr Hospital was recorded under the presence and pressure of a large number of security forces. They were coerced by these forces to participate in the interview.

Eyewitnesses revealed the details of the Armita Gravand incident
An eyewitness told the Guardian: “A female veil watcher attendant had an argument with Armita Ground when she entered the subway car, over not wearing a hijab.” According to him: “The veiled woman shouted: Why don’t you wear a hijab?”
Armita responded, “Am I telling you why you don’t wear a headscarf?” Then their argument escalated into violence, and the female veil watcher attacked Armita, severely pushing her. Another witness stated, “Armita was conscious even when she fell to the ground.” This eyewitness said, “The same woman who pushed Armita was standing behind the door of the ambulance that took her to the hospital.”

Armita, who is said to be a student “passionate about painting and a professional taekwondo athlete,” was rendered unconscious on October 1, in a metro car at the Shohada Tehran Station. She was transferred to Fajr Military Hospital with the presence of emergency personnel.

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