On Wednesday, September 13, 2023, security forces killed a young man named Hamed Bagheri in Golshahr, Karaj, by firing four bullets. They subsequently abducted his body.

According to this report, Hamed Bagheri was from Islamabad-e Gharb but lived in Golshahr, Karaj. He was targeted by security forces and shot with four bullets after he was caught while calling on the people to hold a protest gathering. The family of this young Kurd has not been able to see the body of their son, and government agencies are refusing to hand over the “abducted corpse.”

According to sources close to Hamed Bagheri’s family, the young man chanted slogans against dictatorship while calling on people to stage a protest. He was attacked by government forces for encouraging the people of Golshahr, Karaj, to gather for a protest. He attempted to defend himself but was killed by the suppressive government forces who shot him four times.

The source added that after learning about the death of this young man, Hamed Bagheri’s family traveled to Karaj, but they have not been able to see the body of their son so far, as government institutions are refusing to hand over the abducted corpse.

Government forces are attempting to pressure the family of Hamed Bagheri, following a similar pattern used for other victims of the protests in 2022, to conditionally hand over the body. They demand that the family state that his killing had no connection to the protests.
Hamid Hadavand, the commander of the police in Alborz province, has confirmed his death without mentioning his name. He said, “A young man was killed at the Golzar intersection in the Golshahr area of Karaj.” He claimed that security forces shot Hamed Bagheri after he attacked “the people and the officers.”

The media aligned with the Iranian regime are indeed engaged in coordinated efforts to disseminate false news and misinform the public regarding the murder of Hamed Bagheri. Their aim is to prevent the death from becoming a catalyst for further protests.

By Reza

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