iran teachers
iran teachers Mohammad Habibi, a spokesman for the Iranian Teachers’ Trade Association (ITTA), said that Ministry of Education has issued some directives aimed at “terrorizing” teachers and preventing them from attending protest rallies.
On his Twitter account Habibi published the pictures of two directives recently issued by the Ministry of Education.
He criticized education officials for “terrorizing” teachers instead of “meeting their legitimate demands.”
In one of these directives, all school principals in Zarrin Dasht in Fars province were ordered to “explain” teachers that “taking part in gatherings and sit-ins inside and outside the schools is against the law,” and any teacher who takes such an action will be referred to the Board of Administrative Violations of Education Staff.
Another directive issued in Khorramabad, states that “foreign media” have “lined up” to “target” the Teachers Ranking Plan. The directive instructed all the principals in the area to be “vigilant”, to have “complete control” over the forces under their cover, and to “persuade” their colleagues to avoid gatherings and sit-ins.

In this directive, the principals are also asked to report any defiance “as soon as possible.

In recent months, Iranian teachers have rallied across the country over low pay and serious challenges including state repression against students and teachers.
In some of these gatherings, students also accompanied the teachers.

Dozens of peaceful teachers’ rights advocates are currently imprisoned in Iran for peacefully demanding their legitimate rights.

Habibi himself was imprisoned for more than two years on national security charges and released in November 2020.