Political prisoner Massoumeh Senobari contracts the Coronavirus

Political Prisoner Massoumeh Senobari minPolitical prisoner Massoumeh Senobari has contracted the Coronavirus in the women’s ward of the Central Prison of Tabriz.
Prison authorities do not isolate or quarantine the inmates who contract the virus. So, other detainees in proximity of the infected inmates risk getting infected.
An informed source said Massoumeh Senobari has bad coughs. She suffers from high fever, sore throat, dry mouth, pain in the lungs and all over her body.
Ms. Senobari was viciously tortured after being arrested. She already suffered from blurred vision, fracture of her right leg bone and other physical problems. But prison authorities denied her medical leave.
The family of Massoumeh Senobari asked the authorities for a second time to grant her leave for medical treatment. But they did not succeed in getting their request.

The clerical regime’s Judiciary has sentenced political prisoner Massoumeh Senobari to a total of eight years in prison. One year for “propaganda against the state,” five years for alleged “membership in the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran,” and two years for “insulting Khamenei.”

Massoumeh Senobari, born in 1988, is married with one child and lives in Tabriz, capital of East Azerbaijan Province, northwestern Iran.

Intelligence agents arrested her on March 6, 2019 and took her to the detention center of the Department of Intelligence of Tabriz. On the same night, security forces raided her house, damaging and confiscating her personal belongings.

In the detention center, they tortured her under interrogation so much that she could no longer walk. The blows of whip to her legs and feet cracked her bone which has not healed, yet. Also, because of blows to her head, her vision became blurry.

Conditions in the women’s ward of Tabriz Prison

Nine inmates have contracted the Coronavirus of the third-type.

Medical care and treatment in this prison is terrible. There is no doctor or a clinic for hospitalization of sick women.

Prison authorities did not isolate and quarantine the sick prisoners. This caused the spread of COVID-19 in the ward and many contracted the disease.

The food quality is also horrible. The prison store does not sell healthy or fresh food stuff. The price of items in the store is also very high. So, women imprisoned in the women’s ward of Tabriz Prison are not able to provide their basic and minimum needs.

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