Rouhani's Outrageous Maneuver Against Justice Seeking Movement and the UN Resolution Condemning the Clerical Regime


Rouhani's Outrageous Maneuver Against Justice Seeking Movement and the UN Resolution Condemning the Clerical RegimeWhile the justice seeking movement for the #1988massacre has heightened inside and outside Iran and on the same day that the UN General Assembly condemned systematic and blatant violation of human rights in Iran, Hassan Rouhani, President of Iran regime, published a an absurd statement named "Charter of Citizens Rights". This text is only a repetition of the dismal Constitution and laws of the clerical regime, albeit with a clumsy arrangement.

Rouhani had announced the same statements during 2013 sham election and now he is reusing it in the run up to next year’s election. It is interesting that he announced the first report on its implementation would be due six months later, after the election.

This 120-article paper, whose proper name would be charter for violation of citizens’ rights, nowhere does challenge even implicitly the absolute authority of the Supreme Leader, complete denial of popular sovereignty, violation of fundamental rights of women, and other inhumane laws that have been institutionalized in the clerical regime. The first article states, "The right to life cannot be denied from citizens except in accordance with law". This is nothing but confirmation of 120,000 political executions and mass executions that are happening every day. All these crimes are carried out based on the "law" of Velayat-e-Faqih. Rouhani has previously described all these executions as implementing law and divine command.

Rouhani’s statement talks about women’s rights within the framework of the law, the same law that denies all economic, social and political rights of women and in the best case, considers their rights as being half of men’s and denies them presidency, judgment and many other careers. He does not dare to even use the term "gender equality" in writing without the slightest binding.

On freedom rights it reads: “These freedoms are only limited based on necessity and according to the law.” He fails to mention various police organs established according to the law to quell all freedoms, whose wages are paid for by Rouhani’s cabinet and are under the command of his Interior Minister. Mercenaries titled as 'Hijab (veiling) Police', 'Cyber Police', 'Mountain Police', 'Invisible Police' and …

Article 75 refers to ownership rights and reads expropriation is banned, unless it is according to the law. Rouhani, himself a ringleader in plundering the Iranian people’s property and wealth, fails to explain the fate of the hundreds of billions of dollars stolen by the mullahs’ regime and senior regime officials from the Iranian people over the 38 years of the mullahs' rule, and what happened to the $95 billion wealth in the "The Executive Headquarters of Imam's Directive," practically becoming Khamenei’s personal wealth, all stolen from the Iranian people.

The last portion of this document describes the export of terrorism, crimes and killings in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and other countries as foreign policy “using various wise measures” for “combating violence, extremism and in defence of innocent people’s rights,” emphasizing “allocating adequate resources to equip and strengthen the armed forces” and “allocating enough supplies to strengthen the defence capability.” This is the same policy Khamenei and his inner circle–such as Rouhani, supposedly the regime’s president–have been imposing on the peoples of Iran and the entire region, and with each passing day they sink more into its quagmire.

They are spending the Iranian people assets on the aggressive and warmongering policies and killing innocent people in Syria and Iraq to keep the bloodthirsty regime of Velayat-e Faqih in power. Rouhani is the one who asked for continuation of killing of the people of Aleppo under the guise of confronting "terrorists", and expressed his concern by saying that some "Islamic states are worried about the fate of terrorist and are after their safe evacuation from Aleppo.

Undoubtedly, Rouhani deserves the medal of obscenity. When introducing this document he said, "These citizenship rights tell the world that Islamic Republic of Iran has this capacity; Islamic Revolution has this capacity to make the best use of all new legal characteristics of today's world in the context of Iranian Islamic culture."

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