Grand Gathering, Paris 26 June 2010

As the first anniversary of the uprisings in Iran approaches, and whilst the protests and strikes in Iran are on the rise, and particularly after the failure of the Iranian government in Iraq as a result of the vast public awareness campaign launched by Ashraf dissidents which resulted in the victory of the secular coalition in Iraq, the Iranian regime is desperate in using the remaining time before the formation of a new coalition government in Iraq to destroy Ashraf, its foremost opposition. 

Considering the role of Ashraf in blocking the expansion of Islamic fanaticism and in giving hope and inspiration to millions of youths and women in Iran in the struggle against religious dictatorship, we see it as our minimum duty to strive to save the lives of those dissidents and to guarantee their security in Iraq by involving the International community to stand between Ashraf and the proxies of the Iranian government in Iraq. 

Since the dominant policy of western governments towards the medieval dictatorship in Iran has unfortunately been appeasement until now, defending the human rights of Ashraf dissidents and Ashraf city as a bastion of freedom will serve as a powerful counterforce to expansion of Islamic fanaticism and terrorism emanating from the Iranian regime to the rest of the Middle East and hence the wider world. This is indeed a humanitarian cause as it serves to guarantee peace and freedom in the world. Supporting Ashraf is supporting democracy and human rights in Iran, because they are so directly connected to each other.

International Committee for the Third Option cordially invites you to participate in a 4 hour solidarity convention planned for June 26th in Paris, and in this way help support Ashraf and raise the profile of such an important issue for a more deserved attention from world governments. The event is also in solidarity with the Iran uprisings of courageous women and youth who have shaken the world with their bravery and commitment to peace and human rights.

ICFTO has made a group travel arrangement to help make this short stay in Paris a comfortable trip, needless to mention that this is not a fundraising event and we will share the expenses for the coach and hotel similar to the previous year’s arrangements.

We will host our frends from the beginning to the end to make sure you will enjoy your stay in Paris. Since the main idea is to have a strong presence in the convention it would be appreciated if you can help in promoting this event and to invite as many relatives and/or friends as possible.

The group transportation includes outbound journey on a coach leaving (optional) at 14 or 18 on the 25th  of June from a central location in London, and returning (optional) on the evening of Saturday the 26th or late morning on Sunday the 27th to the same location in London. Accommodation is also arranged for Friday night and Saturday night (for those who wish to return on Sunday).

RSVP: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call: 020 8816 8344

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Please click here to see the video clip from the similar event which took place June 2009 in Paris, 

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