French President Declares That Iran Must Be Met With Firmness

Emmanuel Macron 400The President of France, Emmanuel Macron, said earlier this week that he was going to remain steadfast with regards to Iran and its belligerence in the Middle East and with regards to its ballistic missile program.
His comments were made at the start of his trip to the United Arab Emirates. The two-day trip was packed with events such as the opening of a new museum. The trip is to end with an economic forum in Dubai and he participated in talks with the Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed al-Nahyan regarding the geopolitical situation.

President Macron was interviewed by the al-Ittihad newspaper that has links with the government. The interview was posted on the website of the French embassy.

During the interview, Macron reiterated that France was still of the conviction that there is no alternative to the 2015 nuclear deal between Iran and several world powers.

This stance is very different to that of United States President Donald Trump who decided last month not to recertify Iran’s compliance with the deal. President Trump listed many of Iran’s actions that led him to the decision not to recertify it as compliant.

However, despite disagreeing on this point, both presidents have recognised the need to act regarding Iran’s ballistic missile program and the destructive activities and actions in the region that Iran is leading. They are both determined to ensure that Iran’s meddling is halted.

In the interview Macron said that it was important for France to “remain firm with Iran with regard to its regional activities and its ballistic missile program”.

During the interview, the French President warned that there is an escalation of tensions in the region, in particular since the resignation of the Prime Minister of Lebanon Saad al-Hariri. Another incident that has worsened the situation in the Middle East is the launch of the ballistic missile by Houthi rebels towards the Saudi capital a few days ago. The Saudis were able to intercept the missile before it hit the capital, but the Houthi group has warned that Saudi ports and airports are legitimate targets.

Macron emphasised the need for a solution in the Middle East. He said: “Today, more than ever, we need a region of peace and responsible regional actors working for the stability of the Middle East. The opening of an additional front would only exacerbate tensions and further destabilize the region.”

Iran is at the centre of all of the conflicts in the region and, in order for there to be any peace and security in the Middle East, the Iranian regime needs to be stopped. It has been involved in the Syrian civil war for many years, indeed from the very beginning. It has been propping up Syrian dictator Bashar al Assad and has been providing him with everything that is needed. The war in Syria would have ended years ago if Iran had been prevented from getting involved in its internal affairs.

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