Terror campaigns in the streets of IranThe clerical regime has stepped up its repressive measures and terror campaigns across the country fearing the volatile state of Iranian society.
As the society gets poorer every day, deprived of the minimum resources to deal with the deadly coronavirus, outbreak of angry protests is very likely.
The Iranian Judiciary, Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), the State Security Force (SSF), and the paramilitary Bassij Force are all engaged in various coordinated plans to prevent outburst, spread and continuation of protests.
The plans not only have the blessing of the mullahs’ supreme leader, Ali Khamenei, but are being carried out on his order. This was acknowledged by Majid Mir Ahmadi, the acting deputy for intelligence and security of the regime’s Armed Forces Staff.
1,831 young men have been rounded up in just one month in the campaigns to deal with “thugs and hooligans.”
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Rajaie Shahr PrisonAt least 120 prisoners were confirmed to have tested positive for coronavirus in Rajai Shahr Prison. Political prisoners are also among those contracted Covid-19.
Prisoner of conscience Farhad Meysami has tested positive for the virus at Rajaei Shahr prison in the city of Karaj and was transferred from his ward to a so-called prison “safe room” for isolation.
A 50-year-old physician, Farhad Meysami was arrested by agents of the Intelligence Ministry on July 31, 2018, for allegedly having badges in his home with the slogan “I am against compulsory hijab.”
He has been sentenced to six years imprisonment and banned from leaving the country or engaging in online activities for one year for peacefully protesting the regime’s compulsory hijab law.
Some 45 Sunni prisoners in Rajaei Shahr Prison have previously contracted the virus and the authorities denied them adequate medical treatment. The condition of a number of the infected Sunni prisoners, including; Farhad Salimi, Khosro Besharat, Abdul Jabbar Hosseini, Farzad Shahnazari, Abdollah Shariati and Borhan Asgharian are worse than the others.
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Aeash SadeghiTwo months after the banishment of Arash Sadeghi to Gohardasht Prison, he has been denied medical services, apparently on the order of IRGC interrogators.
He is suffering from worsening digestive complications due to his 71-day hunger strike, but the authorities do not allow him to be hospitalized outside Tehran’s Evin prison.
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