Conference in Queen Elizabeth centre in London- Protection for Ashraf (Excerpts)


The speakers protested the fact that Camp Liberty was approved at first place by a shelter specialist to be fit for Ashraf residents to move there. A fact that was proven false after the 400 residents moved to the camp. The speakers demanded to know who was responsible for such foul play. They also warned about any cover-ups by Iraqi authorities or other parties involved, who by using Iranian regime tactics, are trying to demonize the residents by trying to blame them to be causing the problems.
The speakers called for an international investigative committee to find out who was responsible for certifying the camp Liberty to meet humanitarian standards.
Mrs. Maryam Rajavi in her video statement said: "Remove Iraqi armed forces from the camp. Remove the surveillance cameras and eavesdropping devices. Let the residents have free access to medical services, to their lawyers and their families. The residents must be protected from forcible relocations to other locations inside Iraq. They must enjoy freedom of movement."
Mrs. Rajavi further stated: "We have frequently warned that this camp does not meet minimum security and health assurances. Now all these warnings are proven. Now we warn that the restrictions and suppressive actions in the new camp are steps towards another humanitarian disaster. Don't allow the mullahs and the terrorist Qods Force to implement their plan in Camp Liberty."
The conference started by paying tribute to Lord Robin Corbett, who passed away last Friday, as a leading advocate of freedom in Iran and the rights of the residents of Camp Ashraf.
The conference was chaired by Mr. DAVID AMESS, MP; Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the Iranian Resistance, addressed the meeting on video conference.

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