Hunger StrikeThe Iranian political prisoners, held on horrific condition have no choice but going on hunger strike and risk their own health to convey their voice to the outside world.
These hunger strikes highlight the fact that Iranian regime has remained indifferent to human suffering as it ever has been.
There is desperate need for international inquiries into the grim condition of political prisoners in Iran.
Here are some instances of political prisoners or prisoners of conscience who has gone on hunger strike as the only alternative to fighting for their rights.
Mass Hunger Strike Launched in Evin Prison
In an open letter calling on the people of Iran to support their demands, six political prisoners in Ward 4 of Tehran’s Evin Prison have announced that they’ve gone on hunger strike to protest the judiciary’s treatment of political prisoners.
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zendan urmiaA prisoner held at Urmia Central Prison, northwest Iran, died on 8 July as a result of the prison authorities’ medical negligence.
Ashkan Mehrivash passed away on Monday, 8 July, because the prison’s defibrillator was not working.

Ashkan, detained in Ward 15 of Urmia Prison, was taken to the prison clinic after suffering a heart attack.

Despite this, prison officials have reported his cause of death as a “drug overdose”.

According to Iranian human rights groups, one of the prison guards protested the official report and said that prison officials were blaming their medical negligence on the prisoner.

This is not the first time that a prisoner dies as a result of medical negligence in Iranian state custody. Despite this, officials have not taken any substantial measures to prevent these kinds of deaths.

The State Prisons Organization and the judiciary are responsible for keeping prisoners safe but to date no organization or individual has been held responsible for the deaths.

Iran’s prisons are notoriously harsh. Prisoners are usually held in overcrowded, unsanitary and poorly ventilated conditions. This, combined with the denial of adequate medical care, often exacerbates prisoners’ pre-existing medical problems or contributes to new problems, causing irreparable damage to their health.

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Alireza Ali Political prisoner Alireza Shir-Mohammad-Ali, 21, was stabbed to death by two inmates in the notorious Greater Tehran’s Penitentiary on Monday, 10 June, this year.
Alireza Shir-Mohammad-Ali was from Tehran’s Naziabad district in south Tehran. He had been arrested and detained in July 2018. He had been sentenced to 8 years in prison for insulting Khomeini and Khamenei, the mullahs’ leaders, and for anti-regime propaganda.
Political prisoners Alireza Shir-Mohammad-Ali and Barzan Mohammadi had been on hunger strike since 14 March until April 16, 2019, demanding separation of prisoners of different categories. They also protested the dire living and health conditions in Greater Tehran’s Penitentiary and lack of security in prison.
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5 hangedThe Iranian regime hanged five prisoners in Karaj, Ardabil and Gorgan.
Three inmates were hanged in Gohardasht Prison in Karaj on Wednesday, 12 June, 2019. Two of the men have been identified as Amir Tahmaseb and Samad Basideh.
The prisoners were accused of rape which is punishable by death according to the Iranian regime’s punishment laws. These executions have not been announced by the regime’s state media, yet.
Also on Wednesday, 12 June, the head of the Justice Department of Ardabil, Nasser Atabati, announced that they had executed an inmate in the Prison of Ardabil. He said the convict was a smuggler of antiques accused of killing two State Security Force officers and two civilians in a shoot-out with the police, for which he was sentenced to Qesas or retribution in kind. (The state-run Mizan Online – 12 June, 2019)
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Zahedan shotAccording to the reports from Sistan and Baluchistan Province in Southern Iran at least 30 people were arrested in a rally to protest local authorities for killing a young Balochi man.
According to the witnesses, police was chasing a young man, Mousa Shahbakhsh, who was driving a car, as the police officers believed that he has no valid driving license. The officers claim that, he did not stop at the orders of the police and they shot him.
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Ebrahim Raisi minSince the appointment of Ebrahim Raisi as the new chief of Iran’s judiciary, the human rights situation has swiftly deteriorated in the country.
At least 44 people were executed since he emerged as Iran’s Chief Justice.
One of Raisi’s latest crimes was the flogging and secret execution of two 17-year old juveniles.
Announced for the first time by Amnesty International, the executions were described as “deplorable” by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet.
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The Iranian authorities have flogged and secretly executed two boys under the age of 18 over multiple charges of rape, Amnesty International reported on Monday, condemning the country’s “utter disdain for international law and childrens’ rights”.
Cousins Mehdi Sohrabifar and Amin Sedaghat, who were arrested at the age of 15 and convicted following an “unfair trial”, were executed on Thursday, 25 April, in the southern city of Shiraz, according to the UK-based rights group.
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 افشاریHuman rights defender Nader Afshari has been sentenced to one year in prison and 74 lashes after being convicted of “disrupting public order” and “propaganda against the state.”
The activist had also been sentenced to four months in prison in February 2019 for spreading anti-state propaganda.

Prior to his sentencing he was facing charge of “speaking out in the media and reporting about Iranian political prisoners.”
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FATAThe state security forces have arrested four people in the capital for “spreading rumours” about the incompetence of officials in flood relief efforts, Tehran Police Chief announced Sunday.
The SSF commander Hossein Rahimi who was cited by the state-run ISNA state-run News Agency admitted that government officials and commanders of armed forces presumably involved in relief efforts have been assailed by people.
“All officials, including government officials and the armed forces, made great efforts during the floods, but unfortunately some people have destroyed their image,” the capital’s police chief said.
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One KilledAt least one protester was reported killed and several others were wounded in Iran as the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) on Wednesday opened fire on angry locals in villages around the south-western town of Susangerd and Dashte Azadegan in Khuzestan province.
The IRGC had opened flood dams built by the locals in a nearby area to prevent floodwaters from entering their farms. The IRGC, however, was seeking to prevent floodwaters from entering oil wells in this area that are controlled by its units.
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