Mohammad SharifMohammad Sharifi Moghaddam, Gonabadi Dervish and one of the collaborators of Majzooban Noor, a website affiliated with Gonabadi Dervish minority, has been sentenced to a twelve-year prison sentence, 74 lashes, two-year exile in a remote city, a two-year ban on leaving the country and a two-year ban from all political and social-media activity.
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 Ali Badrkhani minAli Badrkhani, a prisoner of conscience detained in Urmia’s central prison (northwestern Iran), has been on hunger strike since Tuesday, August 7, 2018. Mr Badrkhani is protesting his transfer to a ward in the prison where 400 narcotics prisoners are held. Mr Badrkhani deems the transfer a violation of the principle of classification of the inmates based on the type of the offences.

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Iran povertyA member of Iranian Parliment says 50 percent of the country’s population live in absolute poverty, and the poverty line has reached close to 6 million tomans (about 1.370 dollars).
Emphasizing that before the Rouhani’s second term, 12% of the people were in absolute poverty and the poverty line was close to 3 million tomans (about 683 dollars), Rasoul Khezri said, the percentage of people who have suffered from extreme poverty has risen several times. (ICANA state-run Website – 1 Aug 2018)
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 Arash Sadeghi minArash Sadeghi, a human rights activist imprisoned in Rajaei Shahr Prison, has written an open letter following the assassination of Eqbal Moradi, a political activist in Iraqi Kurdistan and the father of political prisoner . Mr Sadeghi points out the history of the Islamic Republic’s assassination campaigns inside and outside the country, ongoing since February 1979.
The dead body of Eqbal Moradi was found in Penjwen, a district of Iraqi Kurdistan which shares a border with Iran. He had been reportedly killed with three bullets. It wasn’t the first time that an attempt was made on his life.
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Zanian 1Zanian Ahmadi Niaz a students from the Azad University of Tehran has reportedly been sentenced to eight years in prison by the Tehran’s Revolutionary Court, in connection with his participation in widespread protests that started in December 2017. 
The student was charged with participation in unlawful assemblies and acting against national security. He was arrested in December 2017, but he was temporarily released on bail until the court date.
Iranian authorities have increased their crackdown on students who were detained Iran’s December 2017/January 2018 protests with prison terms and restrictions on their peaceful activities.
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The International Committee for the Third Option (ICFTO) was founded on 13 March 2007. We believe that the greatest threat to current world peace is fundamentalism and more specifically Islamic fanaticism that with terror and violence is using innocent people as a means to achieve its political goals.

The heart of this fundamentalism is in Iran under the control of the Mullahs who direct all matters of extremism whether by financial or ideological means. If until some time ago it was only the main Iranian opposition who warned against this major threat, now no day passes that the international media does not report of a bombing, abduction, murder or assassination. On most occasions either immediately or within a short period of time the evidence always points to the involvement of the Iranian regime itself or its proxies and mercenaries in Iraq, Lebanon, Afghanistan. The result of this has been the loss of innocent lives in Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, London, Spain, Afghanistan, Indonesia, USA, Argentina, Morocco, Saudi Arabia… and this loss of lives will continue into the future. 

What is the solution? Is it a further war with the ruling Mullahs and aiming at the heart of the monster? No. This would give them the desperate legitimacy to expand their fanaticism and recruit less informed Muslims, also giving them an open hand to misuse the sentiments of millions of young Muslims to forward its political goals. Significantly, there will also be a catastrophic loss of human life as a result.

Is appeasement and further dialogue with the Mullahs the solution? This is a longer road towards collision with the Mullahs of Iran that will be unavoidable. The only benefit from this policy of appeasement is that the Iranian regime is given more time to complete their nuclear ambitions and therefore create a new international power balance where there will be a higher prominence for destruction and even the threat of a third world war. We can also see from the fact that the Iranian regime is so much in support of such a policy that this policy is clearly of advantage to them.

There is a third option. (Confrontation with the ruling Mullahs in Iran through democratic change by the Iranian people and their organized resistance movement.) Confrontation with the ruling Mullahs in Iran through democratic change in Iran based on a democratic and tolerant Islam that seeks democracy in Iran and peace and friendship in the entire world. This option is available to us and it is the only peaceful solution to this threat.

Objectives of this Committee are as follows:

1. To form an ad-hoc umbrella for Iranian associations with the aim of assisting their activities in helping the victims of the violation of human rights in Iran
2. To provide a cultural umbrella to promote Iranian customs and culture, away from the extremist ideas of Islamic fanaticism
3. To initiate a cultural and educational public information campaign about the threats of Islamic fanaticism and the way of dealing with it.
4. To promote the Third option as the only viable and peaceful solution against the spread of Islamic fanaticism.

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Online conference on Iran's 1988 massacre

Online conference on Iran's 1988 massacre

Ex-Tehran University President urges Iran’s youths to protest against dictatorship

Dr. Mohammad Maleki, the first Chancellor of the University of Tehran following the 1979 revolution and a former Iranian political prisoner, has from his home in Tehran sent a message to the youths in Iran to “rise up and protest” against the mullahs’ regime in Iran.

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Iran regime airs propaganda clip to recruit Afghans to fight in Syria

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