Iranian Fishermen Out Of Jobs While Regime Sells Oman And Persian Gulf Fish To China 

khazarThe Iranian regime has made a hushed deal with Chinese fisheries allowing them to fish in Iran’s southern waters, causing major problems for Iranian fisherman.

The Revolutionary Guards Corps linked Fisheries Organization has “rented out” Iran’s southern waters to foreign fisheries.
The Chinese bottom trawling method of fishing, under the auspices of official licenses from the Iranian Fisheries Organization, have led to the unemployment of a large number of local fishermen.

The industrial fishing practices of more than 5,000 Chinese boats leave nothing for native fishermen and according to locals, even fish eggs, and shellfish get stuck in the Chinese trawling.

In addition, the Iranian Fisheries Organization, under the pretext of imposing restrictions to prevent over-fishing, has created many obstacles for native fishermen. Government agents also prevent locals from fishing from the southern harbours, while foreign boats are busy “sweeping the sea floor” even near the coast of Iran.

The fishermen in southern Iran have repeatedly protested the government’s destructive policies that have led to a rise in unemployment and an increase in poverty among south Iran residents. Nonetheless, the Southern Fisheries has done nothing to address their grievances.

In addition to the above problems, there have been reports about the harsh and abnormal behaviour of Chinese fishermen with indigenous fishermen who fish with small boats. There have been numerous reports that the Chinese have used high-pressure water hoses on the smaller Iranian vessels to force them to leave the area.

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