Rafsanjani - KhameneiICFTO--With internal crises inside the mullahs’ regime escalating, Rafsanjani, head of the regime’s Expediency Council expressed his strict opposition to Khamenei’s speech on eliminating the presidential post and described such a measure in violation of the constitution. (State-run media, October 24th, 2011)

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US legislators’ solidarity with thousands of IraniansDemonstrating in support of PMOI delisting and Ashraf protection

ICFTO - A number of bipartisan US legislators from the Senate and House of Representatives, through sending messages, expressed their solidarity with the rally of thousands of Iranians in Washington, DC. calling for delisting of MeK and protection of Ashraf.

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ICFTO--Former US Energy Secretary and Ambassador to the United Nations, Mr. Bill Richardson who was Governor of New Mexico until the beginning of this year addressed the ‘International Conference on Camp Ashraf and Policy on Iran’ in Brussels on January 25 underlining “the need to find a solution to avert a humanitarian crisis of Camp Ashraf.” He emphasized that solution means more American security. Excerpts from his speech follow:

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“All of our tools of persuasion of coerce Iran have failed. Iran has a fear of PMOI due its popularity and secular nature, they have the fear of PMOI its encouragement of free elections and rule of law, Iran has the fear of PMOI due to freedom of religion and no nuclear weapon or weapons of mass destruction, Iran has the fear of the PMOI due to freedom of speech and press. Right now Iran fears the PMOI.” Said Dell Dailey, Head of the U.S. State Department Counter Terrorism office in the Bush Administration, in an international conference on Iran in Brussels, January 25.

Excerpts from his remarks follow:

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"The current regime in Tehran, as a threat to international peace and security not just in its region, but worldwide, and the way that you deal with that kind of threat is to end that regime," said Ambassador John Bolton, former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations under Bush Administration, on January 25 in Brussels’ international conference entitled, “Camp Ashraf and the policy on Iran.”

The following are excerpts from his speech:

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The Hoffington Post
Ahmad ShujaWriter, analyst and student at Berea College

While it has endeared itself in the hearts of many Muslims around the world as the Muslim country with a backbone, Iran is failing in the battle of hearts and minds in its own backyard. From its mistreatment of Afghan refugees to blocking the supply of much-needed fuel in the dead of the unforgiving Afghan winter, it is angering Afghans of all stripes.

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Online conference on Iran's 1988 massacre

Online conference on Iran's 1988 massacre

Ex-Tehran University President urges Iran’s youths to protest against dictatorship

Dr. Mohammad Maleki, the first Chancellor of the University of Tehran following the 1979 revolution and a former Iranian political prisoner, has from his home in Tehran sent a message to the youths in Iran to “rise up and protest” against the mullahs’ regime in Iran.

Maryam Rajavi's Speech at conference with British MPs

Iran regime broadcasts video to recruit children for Syria war

The Iranian regime, has embarked on a new propaganda campaign to encourage children to join the war in Syria.


Iran regime airs propaganda clip to recruit Afghans to fight in Syria

Iran regime airs propaganda clip to recruit Afghans to fight in Syria

Maryam Rajavi meets UK Church Leaders

Maryam Rajavi meets with two UK Church leaders, Bishops John Pritchard & Adrian Newman

Priests Meet Maryam Rajavi